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Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Melissa Simpson is a designer who cultivates a socially ethical approach to fashion by utilizing recycled materials to create one-of-a-kind 'wearable art' with a sophisticated eye for textile collage and urban resilience.

After graduating Otis Parson, Melissa accepted a position with Larry Flynt Publication as Executive Art Director for Hustler Magazine. While experimenting with performance art, poetry and music, she established an underground movement spawned within the world of the avant garde street scene. Melissa exploited her band called  'LOSE YOUR FEAR' a punk, funk rock sound that is currently being produced by George Clinton's clan with a new album soon to be released.

Melissa erected her first store in Venice, California, launching her collection of custom designed jewelry and funky apparel. She moved to up-scale La Brea Blvd in Hollywood, structuring a solid career within the fashion/entertainment industry by developing intimate relationships with high profile celebrity clientele.

Melissa moved to Malibu and opened BlaNk, a retail store with a studio on site. BlaNk proved to be extremely successful while working with high profile rock stars, celebrities, models and actors. She decided to expand to a global community so she closed the retail store and opened a private studio where she once again critiqued and developed her collection to an astonishing 23 separate and unique lines for men, woman and children, most of which are recycled and/or manufactured in the studio, with the help of full time staff.


At The BlaNk Studio, Melissa creates a unique garment which is hand dyed and silk screened with delicate yet edgy graphic images, then embellished with antique textiles, vintage laces and trims which have been gathered from around the world for the past two decades. The style in which these appliques are hand stitched and embroidered are a signature the designer uses for a couture texture appeal. Carefully placed hand-selected 'Swarovski crystals' complete these one of a kind enchanted designs. 

While Melissa continues to expand her talents she currently has introduced a sophisticated structured direction to patterns and garments with her unique detail to edgy  craftsmanship and designs. 

Recently BlaNk has reopened their doors to the public with a showroom located in the trendy Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, where you can enjoy the one of a kind creations mixed with a hand picked collection of vintage fashions which are all available to be alliterated to fit the individual as well as Haberdashery services.

The BlaNk Studio Collection is consistently sought after by an audience of all ages, and has been a stunning addition to the wardrobe of several celebrities and rock stars.

Custom orders for BlaNk products are available by appointment only.

We hope to inspire a global revolution focusing on solutions for a healthy economic market by encouraging a sustainable environment. We invite you to participate! Thanks for visiting BlaNk... no label, no ego, only truth...


For Appointment call


310  |  990  | 5209


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